Why Spark?

Spark focuses strictly on employee engagement. We have been working with clients for 20 years on measuring and executing action plans to ignite and deepen employee engagement.

Happy People

Spark Engagement Index provides a clear picture of both the collective and individual work experience: we measure how people experience their work and present leaders with an accurate view of the organization’s emotional landscape.

Why does this matter? A multitude of studies has proven, beyond doubt, that emotional health dictates performance. By seeing your organization through this lens, you are able to take actions in service of your corporate goals and objectives.

Spark is a unique, start-to-finish, Employee Engagement system. Spark incorporates a diagnostic engagement model and actionable strategies for individuals, teams and entire organizations to increase engagement and deliver quantifiable, predictable results.

Spark’s proprietary Index offers these Key Differentiators

  1. 1. Scientifically-validated Survey: With over 20 years of applied research and 10,000 users, Spark delivers relevant insight and benchmarks. We are 100% science based. Plus, the survey is only 30 questions and takes less than 10 minutes!
  2. 2. Quality and Depth of Individual Profiles: All employees benefit by receiving a confidential report describing their current state of engagement with strategies to boost passion, productivity and performance.
  3. 3. A Proprietary and Science-based 8-State Engagement Model: The Spark Model measures emotional states that predict retention, loyalty and advocacy behaviours of employees. When internalized, the Model is a powerful self-management tools and guides leadership execution on engagement drivers.
  4. 4. Action-ready Reporting: Individuals, Teams and Leaders will know which 3 Engagement Drivers are most critical to activate deeper engagement, serving the corporate vision. These customized reports are available immediately after the survey closes to move you quickly into action.Survey
  5. 5. Thought Leadership: Our discoveries have made significant contributions to the field of employee motivation and passion.
  6. 6. Global Network: We operate as a specialty consultancy working mostly in Canada, Bermuda, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland and the UK. We are now expanding to other English-speaking countries, as well as China. The survey and reports are available in English, French and Chinese.
  7. 7. Spark is a Cost-effective, Easy-to-manage System: Our automation and algorithms enable us to simplify all facets of our offering, saving you time but allowing you to gain even greater insight – all at an affordable rate.

Pulse Checks
During the year, it is optimal to conduct Quarterly Pulse Checks. Quarterly Pulse Checks measure progress and leverage the power of relative results (i.e., profiling your true progress) to adapt as you evolve. This enables you to compare your original results with your new result; thereby, giving you an accurate way to measure progress and made quick adaptations, if needed.

Already have an engagement program?
We complement existing engagement programs, augmenting programs with added context (our Model) and individual profiles and strategies, providing a strong foundation for a more complete system.

Clients have continually affirmed the quality of our data, reports and impact of the actions taken. Ask us for testimonials, client references, and our case study on pertaining to Key Performance Indicators.