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Spark Engagement Index delivers meaningful results for individuals, teams and organizations, along with proven, practical strategies to improve engagement at any level.

SEI - Reports and Scorecards


Individual Results

Each participant receives a 15-page, Personal Report describing their dominant state of Engagement at work. Reports include a summary scorecard, practical tips and actionable strategies to sustain or attain Passionate Engagement!

“I can't believe how accurate my report is! It’s uncanny really. I also appreciate how it puts the control in my hands. The suggestions invited me to reflect and I feel I have new-found hope now, as I see a way forward.” Healthcare Worker, Boston Area.


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Collective Results

Spark Engagement Index delivers quick, accurate and concise results for teams, groups and the organization overall. Reports identify the 3 critical action items, specific to each team or group (with five or more members), as well as the 3 engagement drivers to action enterprise-wide. Our proprietary algorithms ensure relevance and impact.

Reports are available immediately after the survey closes so you can build momentum right away. The science behind the survey provides clear direction for action, in one-pager scorecards, in an easy-to-understand way.

“Within two hours, we reviewed our company results, considered the recommended action areas and agreed upon our plan. There was no analysis paralysis and we had confidence in the direction we were taking. Spark was a breath of fresh air!” CEO, Bermuda, Insurance Company

Collective Reports come in three formats:

  • One-page Scorecard, providing an at-a-glance view of all 30 survey questions, a graph showing the distribution of the 8 Engagement States across the team, group or organization; and, it pinpoints the specific Engagement Drivers that are strengths as well as those that require action.
  • PDF Presentation of the data, including written comments, to facilitate team or group discussions.
  • One-page Action Plan with next year’s targets and real-world strategies to action, based on best practices.

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