The Three Aspects of Our Science


Spark focuses strictly on employee engagement. We lead the industry in thought leadership. Our discoveries have made significant contributions to the field of employee motivation and passion. We are particularly proud of three aspects of our research:


  1. Our Survey: Our questions add up to engagement!


With over 20 years of global research, analysis and development, we know which measures add up to a passionate work experience.


A core set of 30 questions create an engagement profile from generations of data collection for over 10,000 users.


You don't need to spend time creating your own questions. To measure true engagement, all you need are our 30 questions. Of course, if you wish, we can also customize your survey experience.


Intrigued? Learn more and see our research article.


  1. Our Model: Describing the Work Experience in 8 States.

Our validated and proprietary 8-State Engagement Model measures relationships between Meaning and Progress. The 8-States of Engagement present an accurate picture of the emotional landscape of an organization. In other words, when you measure meaning and progress, you are able to gauge how people feel about their work.


How people experience these drivers of passion determines their engagement level, which ultimately impacts their passion, productivity and performance.

Meaning & Progress

“It's like the master key to unlocking the individual motivational levels of my team members was handed to me.” Team Leader, Canada Revenue Agency

The research is clear – the levels of Meaning & Progress experienced by employees determines their level of engagement at work, or Engagement State. It’s that simple!

We have scientifically identified and defined these 8 Engagement (or non-engagement) States:

  • Frustrated
  • Unfulfilled
  • Stagnated
  • Disconnected
  • Neutral
  • Engaged
  • Energized
  • Passionate Engagement!

“Understanding my drivers of Meaning and Progress has enabled me to self-manage my passion at work. I truly feel empowered.” Sales Associate, Telecommunications Company, Singapore 

The Spark Model measures emotional states that predict retention, loyalty and advocacy behaviours of employees.

How can leaders improve employees’ experience of Meaning & Progress? They need insight into the factors that truly drive engagement.

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  1. Our 21 Engagement Drivers: Actioning change!

SEI ModelOur research illuminates the Engagement Drivers that really matter for all employees, in any environment. Our research has spanned multiple continents and cultures.

These 21 engagement drivers naturally cluster into four groupings that we describe as

  • Purpose & Inspiration
  • Organizational Practices
  • Mastery
  • Autonomy

These engagement drivers inform our sense of Meaning & Progress and can lead to better Engagement Outcomes for teams and organizations.

Action plans, generated by our system, focus twofold:

  1. on the drivers that represent strengths and are statistically significant, relative to past performance.
  2. on the drivers that represent areas of improvement and are also deemed significant, relative to past performance.

Our system generates Action Plans confidence that time, effort and resources are placed for highest impact.

Intrigued? Learn more and see our research article.