The Benefits

People managers, leaders, HR professionals and consultants will find Spark insights useful, practical and timely. With insight and inspired action, momentum and results are inevitable! Survey results are immediate and easily understood using our Visual Scorecard format that highlights Engagement Phases, Engagement Drivers and Engagement Outcomes.

Spark’s practical and actionable tips and strategies help you and your teams to move employee engagement to the next level, and:

  • Direct efforts toward the things that matter most  – Meaning, Progress & Engagement Drivers
  • Ensure optimal use of finite resources by using data to inform engagement strategies
  • Align engagement strategies with corporate objectives and KPI's
  • Ignite passion, productivity and performance!



Our clients and partner consultants use the Spark model, survey and visual scorecard reports to boost team engagement, foster leadership development and inform one-on-one coaching programs. Read More >