Spark Applications

Our consultants have crafted many appropriate and excellent uses for our survey and reports.


Team Engagement

Our consultants are often called upon to run team working sessions or team building sessions. The Spark Engagement Index is an excellent way to measure team engagement and surface the drivers and blockers to passionate engagement. A card game facilitates decision-making around team engagement goals and activities to ensure the focus resonates with the team overall.

Working with identified team strengths and barriers, teams can evolve to the next level of performance in fun and constructive ways.


Leadership Development

In the 21st century, leaders need to lead in ways that speak to modern times. Learning to manage meaning and progress versus tasks and processes can be perplexing, especially for those trained in traditional techniques. The data, reports and model help leaders keep people uplifted during challenging times, such as:

  • Change initiatives
  • Complex projects
  • Marketplace shifts
  • Culture work

Our research and learning guides provide leaders with insight and the coaching tools to nurture the motivational drivers individually and collectively.


One-on-One Coaching

The Spark Engagement Index can also be used at the individual level as the basis for a coaching session or program. Our personalized reports profile individuals at a point in time and offer tips and strategies for supporting passionate engagement. This just-in-time coaching approach grounds individuals in reality versus theory and creates forward movement, especially when people feel stuck or disconnected.

Using the data, individuals quickly formulate action plans to overcome key barriers to engagement. In addition, the coach helps the individual internalize the model so they are able to use it to self-manage frustrations and other daily challenges of the workplace.




Fire Up Your Team!

Author Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, creator of Spark Engagement Index, delivers tools and techniques for leaders who want to connect, collaborate and create with their teams to ignite passion, productivity, and performance at work. Throop-Robinson relies on her extensive experience as a successful corporate manager, entrepreneur, and consultant to help empower leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential.

Fire Up Your Team Book
50 ways for Leaders to connect, collaborate & create with their teams