Our Story

We started off curious about why some people were passionate about their work and others struggled. We listened to people’s frustrations and joys and asked lots of questions! Over time, we developed a working model that resonated with our participants across many continents.

Our aim today is to share with individuals, teams and organizations our know-how to ignite passion, productivity and performance.

Our findings are groundbreaking. They give people the knowledge and tools to create passionate work experiences and workplaces.

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Our Team


Jacqueline Throop-Robinson


Jacqueline's 30-year career has focused on strengthening leadership and engagement at all levels of an organization through individual and team work as well as organization-wide initiatives.

Her workshops, facilitations, and coaching sessions always support both individual needs as well as the business goals.

Jacqueline strives to create cultures of passion, productivity and performance.



Paula Minnikin


Paula's 30 year career has focused on technology, strategy and governance. Paula brings a wealth of technical knowledge, strategic planning and leadership skills to the table.

Her extensive experience delivers expertise in Governance, Technology, Strategic Assessment and Planning, Program and Project Management to her many clients in both the public and private sectors.

Paula strives to help her clients strike the appropriate balance between avoiding risk and embracing opportunity through the appropriate use of people, process and technology.


Sylvie Lalonde

Business Development Manager

With years of experience in client relations, Sylvie leads the Spark Business Development team. Sylvie brings many strengths to Spark: she has strong interpersonal and communication skills, a focus on organization, and enhanced multitasking abilities.

Sylvie’s positivity also sets her apart, as she supports clients by finding solutions based on their real requirements and ensures they have the information and tools they need to successfully execute their employee engagement programs.

Spark is fortunate to have Sylvie on its team and we know you will enjoy working with her!


Michael Quattrocchi

IS Manager

Michael Quattrocchi of Mercenary Consultants partners with Spark engagement to develop the technology powering Spark Engagement. Michael has worked with Spark for almost 15 years and has built our systems from the ground up by creating all of the back-end applications and reporting to integrating translations of the survey and reports into multiple languages.

To assist our partners and facilitators, Michael has also built the self-serve and administrative tools, automated management of survey deployments and aggregate survey reporting. Michael is an indispensible member of the Spark team.

Michael also consults on all hardware, software, services and platforms utilized by Spark.