Personalization, empowerment and accountability are now more powerful than ever.

Spark Engagement’s proprietary Measures, Engagement Model and Individual Profiles encompass all these and deliver insights for the 21st Century workplace.

Personalized Reports

Benefit All Individuals.
Each employee receives a confidential profile describing their current state of engagement with strategies to boost passion at work. This 15-page profile and action plan involves everyone in the engagement journey.

Action Ready

See Immediate Impact.
Our technology, based on proprietary algorithms, produces reports as soon as the survey closes. In addition, each Individual, Team and Leader will receive an action plan focused on 3 critical Engagement Drivers.

Science Based

Guarantee Your ROI.
We’ve interviewed hundreds of professionals and collected data from around the world. Exceptional researchers validated our discoveries. This knowledge translates into actionable insight and strategies for clients.

Spark is More than an Engagement Survey

  • Scientifically validated Survey
  • 15-page, confidential Individual Profile with Action Plan
  • A Proprietary and Science-based 8-State Engagement Model
  • Action-ready Management Reporting


It's like the master key to unlocking the individual motivational levels of my team members was handed to me. Team Leader, Canada Revenue Agency

A business colleague introduced me to the model, and I knew I had found the answer. Regional Learning Advisor, Canada Revenue Agency

This workshop was a real eye opener for me, a truly "Ah-ha" moment… Director of Fox Hollow Child Care Centre

It gets to the heart of the matter about employment motivation and relationships. Director, Human Resources, multi-national insurer

This should be required learning for every manager! Senior Vice President, Chubb Group of Companies, Bermuda